Everyone is always talking about the ROI of social media and how can you convert a Facebook fan into a sales qualified lead. I have seen many great looking Fan pages on Facebook, but much like early websites, these pages are designed more for image and less for lead conversion. That is, however, until I came across the Facebook page of ViperChill. Not only does Glen at ViperChill get it, he shares just how to create the page complete with free templates.

Taking Your Facebook Fan Page to a Higher Level

By now, you are probably well aware of the Static FBML app, which allows you to show whatever you want on your fan page instead of the usual status updates. If you are like most, you may have already created a “Welcome” page that encourages people to “Like” your Fan page. While this change alone will increase your number of fans on your site, ViperChill has taken it a completely new level. So in following what Glen has developed we have launched our own Inbound Sales Network Facebook Fan Page.

Add Personalization with a Users Name

Some of the great work, which ViperChill shares with us in the free ZIP download file, they were able to figure out how to incorporate a user’s name in the Welcome page. As any good marketer already knows, applying increased levels of personalization is great; and ViperChill has done the hard work for us.

Leverage off the Users Engagement

But the trick that really makes the big difference in terms of conversion is taking advantage of the engaged state that users are in. If someone has just clicked “Like” on your page, they’re far more likely to perform some other type of action again. Through some more FBML hard work, ViperChill makes it possible to show the users a different image (but on the same page) after they have liked your Fan Page. While ViperChill is currently using this opportunity to collect email addresses for my newly launched project at Inbound Sales Network, we are working on growing our social media following so we take this opportunity to increase our twitter and blog subscribers.

There are literally countless things you can do on this second “page” that users see after they click “like”, such as:

  • Getting them to sign up to your email list
  • Getting them to subscribe to your blog
  • Encouraging them to share your fan page with their friends
  • Giving them a bonus download as thanks
  • Telling them more about yourself, and what you do

Test a few variations of the second page and see what works best for you. The following are the instructions that ViperChill provides in order to achieve this.

How to Setup a High-Converting Facebook Fan Page

  1. First, you need to go to the ‘Create page’ option, which you can find here. The quickest page to set up is the one on the top right row, a Brand or Product page. Note that the first letter of your fan page name must be capitalized.
  2. You will be shown your empty Facebook fan page. Under the image on the top left, click Edit Page. A new menu will appear, so click on the Apps option once it does. Scroll down the page until you see the app Static FBML. Add the application to your page. Clicking on ‘Go to App’ will allow you to customize the text box.
  3. The first field, Box Title, will be the name for your page tab, so use something like “Hey!” or “Welcome” here.
  4. Download this zip file, which contains the template code and my 7 example templates. Each template comes with its own code. I have hosted the images online for you, but I recommend you put them on your own server.
  5. Edit the part of each template where it says “Your Text Goes Here”.
    Note: when you are the admin of the page, you will see things very differently. Login with another account (or a friends) to see how the page will look to every else.
  6. Go back to your Edit Page options, and this time select Manage Permissions. Change the Default Landing Tab to the page you have created with Static FBML.
  7. Enjoy more people “Liking” your Fan page and then being converted in other ways through the second page.

Track the Results

It will be a good idea to see how your “Liking” performance has been to this point. I suggest you look at your Facebook Insights and note this date so you can measure the landing page impact. It is not guaranteed that you will immediately start getting loads of “Likes”, remember that this is a testing game and your work might need some tweaking to perform better. Keep testing.

There are many things you can do with your Facebook page but the first step is to get that precious “Like”. However, it does not end there; leverage that momentum to achieve secondary goals such as email capture or social following. Once you got that taken care of, deliver tons of awesome value!