There’s a lot you can do to improve your personal brand’s social media influence. When you persuade people, your visibility and authority will both rise as a result.

How can your brand gain more recognition online? By forging meaningful relationships with individuals and leaders in your industry. Daily conversations can help your brand could generate more recommendations, especially when it’s from a trusted source.

In a time of social advertising and automation, brands should connect with their audience on social media in a trusted way. There are a few simple strategies you can use to attract the right people to your brand.

Building more influence with social media

Brand advocates are built over time through daily activity and communication. Increase your visibility with these tips:

  • Create remarkable content – Your influence depends on whether or not people want to view or read your content. Develop your message first, then move onto your marketing strategy. Outstanding content gets noticed, while poor content garners low visibility and trust.
  • Build a group or community – Groups on social media can quickly attract an interested audience. With just a couple posts or tweets a day your brand can start an active and engaged community. These are places to forge new relationships rather than generate sales.
  • Include the right hashtags – Find and use the most popular hashtags — people are much more likely to respond and also find your content above the competition. Each social network uses these differently, and it’s important to pay attention to which terms are trending the most for a particular topic.
  • Gather community feedback – Ask your audience questions, such as creating a user poll on either Facebook or Twitter. Ask your community to share their opinions about a particular topic. Don’t be afraid to ask provocative questions as these make for great dialogue and can help you learn more about your target market.

Connecting with the right relationships online is worth the investment in time and effort. Use these steps to help give your online presence the boost that you need in order to effectively reach your brand followers.