If you are still unsure why you need to focus on your online visibility, keep reading. There are two kinds of people in the world, the ones who buy lottery tickets hoping for the win, and the ones who take responsibility to build the life of their dreams whatever it takes. Which one are you?

To me, there is no second option but to be taking action.

I have spent years hoping and waiting to be “discovered” yet, nothing was moving forward. I did not suddenly become a sought after visibility strategist. In fact, I remember stressing out almost every day about what would happen to me if any of my current clients leave my business. Every night I felt completely paralysed with fear as I did not know how to find new clients; everyone I worked with came to me through word of mouth. Until one day I saw clearly that the only way to stop this was to change the way I ran my business completely and what is more critical, the way I lived my life.

We often live in anticipation of something happening to us. Bad or good. When it happens, we feel either lucky or unlucky, either blessed or victimised. All of these feelings imply a complete lack of control on our behalf. We often live lives no different than a plastic bag being thrown around by the wind in the car park.

To me, everything changed when I clearly saw it. I had been taking zero responsibility for what was happening in my life and my business, and at that moment I committed to doing whatever it takes to create the life where freedom and choice would be the driving forces.

What I decided to do next is what seemed the scariest and yet proved to be the most rewarding part of growing my business. I decided to become visible online and find people who would be the perfect match not only for my business but for me as a person. I decided to start building real relationships with complete strangers, using a platform that nothing to do with business in general. I decided to become visible on Facebook. But that was not all. My most unlikely for a digital marketing professional choice was to become insanely visible using my Personal Profile.

Fast forward less than two years, and I knew I have discovered the secret to building a business through first showing up as who you are!

There is a way, a surprisingly easy way, but one that requires dedication, consistency, resilience and a lot of personal growth and self-acceptance to use a simple platform like a Personal Profile on Facebook as a centre stage for positioning yourself as someone WORTH FOLLOWING.

Here is how I did it and how you can achieve it in three simple steps:

Step One: Content

People spend an insane amount of time on Facebook scrolling their Newsfeed for something exciting to happen. But in my opinion, it is more than that. I believe excellent communication is rooted deeply in our personal energy compatibility. When we read a post or watch a live video, we engage in the form of energy exchange, and this determines if we develop an emotional connection with the author of the post or keep scrolling by, searching for something else.

Here is the catch- you cannot fake your energy. When you try to position yourself as someone you are not, people feel it. If you decide to position yourself as someone you think people expect you to be, they will feel it. The energy of “faking it” is real, and it merely repels the right people from wanting to see more of you in their lives.

The most obvious, the best and the easiest way to position yourself is to show up as who you are. Not just in your area of expertise, but YOU as a whole: your worldview, what your stances in life are, what makes your blood boil, what motivates you. This is what creates an audience of “right people” that want to follow you as they resonate with your content and your authentic energy. Focus more on those areas and sprinkle some expert tips to build trust, but not the other way around! Showing up in exclusively “expert” mode is also tiring and off putting. People what you, and that is what you need to give them. Strategically.

But just producing great authentic content is not enough on it’s own! This is why you need to add another step:

Step 2: Connection

If a thought of showing up as who you are has your head spinning with overwhelm, you will love the next part: talking to strangers.

There are so many forms of hiding that we do not even recognise. One of them is keeping your visibility impersonal. In other words, talking at people as if you are performing on stage. Yes, it may be entertaining or even touching for a moment, but what do you gain in the long run?

What about if after that performance you went into the audience and shook real people’s hands in gratitude? Perhaps had a chat with some of them, maybe even hang out over a cup of coffee for a little while? Imagine the impression that sort of relationship can leave! With merely a small token of appreciation, you just created a group of raving fans, who will tell all their friends about you and bring them to all of your future performances.

If you take this same principle and start reaching out to people in your Facebook audience privately, with an intention to connect and appreciate the real person behind the profile picture, I promise – you will create a following that will make a massive difference to both how you are perceived online and your business.

This brings me to the third step.

Step 3: Authority

Now that you have been showing up as who you are and building real relationships with real people, you need to make sure that you LOOK like someone worth following from the first impression.

How do you achieve that? By strategically building your authority as a go-to name in your niche.

Trust me, it is not an impossible task, but without it, you are missing out the magic puzzle piece. People judge the book by its cover, so you need to create a cover worth admiring.

Get on as many podcasts and video interviews as you can. People love hearing our stories, and there is never a shortage of opportunities to feature on a show. You just need to be proactive.

Start writing and submitting your articles to large online publications. Start with Medium.com and build your writing muscle to contribute to some of the top tier publications eventually. Even if being published has never crossed your mind before, being a contributing writer to a few large publications will do wonders for your positioning and the way people perceive you online.

So this is it- create authentic content with YOU at the heart of it, connect to people authentically with an intention to build long lasting and meaningful relationships and position yourself with a degree of authority to attract clients into your business. When committed to it, this can be achieved within 6-12 months, and the effect it can have on your actual business is beyond belief.

No more insecurity, no more giving up control in your life. And in the process, you will discover so much more self-love, self-appreciation and self-worth, your life will feel like the life of your dreams.