Many words and phrases are trotted out by self titled social media marketing experts that are tossed around so much they lose their meaning and impact.How to become a social media marketing expert

Specialist, thought leader and even guru are some of the glib terms used. Maybe we should be using words that are a bit more fun.

Like…savvy, adept, adroit or even crackerjack.

Just imagine being at a dinner party and someone asks you what you do. You respond with.

I am a Crackerjack Savvy Social Media Marketing Specialist“.

Bit more fun really.

The “Guru” term is the one phrase that makes me cringe the most. To me it is someone who has disappeared into the Tibetan mountains, had a vision, hummed a lot and and has come back with insight and enlightenment that is god like and transcends being human. They are wearing sandals, donned a magical cloak and the halo is shimmering.

Sorry…haven’t met one of those yet.. but looking forward to it.

The path to professional

Becoming well known and a professional in your industry is often a journey that starts with a burning passion. This is maybe the most important quality because you need that fuel to maintain the dedication and discipline required to be at the top of your game.

In social media marketing the two most common formal paths that converge in a social media expert and specialist are from public relations and marketing. With the rise in the importance of content marketing, multi media and technology the skills required can even extend into creative, technical and writing.

Also thrown into the mix is an understanding of data that keeps us on track in our quest for determining what does and doesn’t work.

Creative Ninja Geek

One term we should maybe kick around is “Creative Ninja Geek“. This conjures up a picture of someone that understands tech but hasn’t forgotten to be human and social. They have cloaked their nerdness with a creative streak and a large dash of humanity.

They are the sort of people I often enjoy hanging out with.

Ever been to a software or technology conference? Men in suits are often in abundance.

Attended a social media marketing conference? The women show up and there are a lot more hugs to be had. A bit Californian really.

That is why I like social.

How do you become a social media marketing expert?

Here is an infographic that provides some hints, colleges and education ideas that you may find useful on your path to becoming that social media expert.

How to Become a Social Media Marketing Expert

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What about you?

What was your path to being an expert in your area. Are you self taught or is it a combination of formal education, experience and learning on the job?

Are you passionate about social media marketing?

Look forward to hearing your stories in the comments below.

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