Tweet, Pin, Like and post. Being social media savvy is super important and most businesses have begun to realize this. Many, however, make the mistake of not going about social media in the right way, or utilizing one facet of social media while ignoring another.

You can use social media to reach out to your customers but are you letting them reach out to you in turn? While it is important to give your customers the information and goods/services they need, it’s also vital you take the time to listen to them and let them reach you when there is a need.

Learn everything you can about your customers.

Positive relationships with customers, the kind that generate loyalty and referrals, are based on give and take between the business and the client. Let the customer know they are important to you, that you’ll do anything to keep them happy and retain their business. They need to know you’re keen to hear their concerns, feedback, praise and even their complaints. Listen to them. Take action; show you’re willing to make changes based on their response.

We all use social media to connect and give our peers a view into our life. Most of the time we aren’t using social media to promote anything – but there are exceptions. The key to success for any business is to become something the customers are so passionate about that they share their experience through all social channels. Obviously, the posts can be negative, but if you’re doing your due diligence you shouldn’t have to worry about negative posts. Read your customers’ comments on social media, pay attention to their rants, shares and praise. Take the time to carefully read emails and queries and respond to them in a prompt and efficient manner. This is how you earn the loyalty and friendship of a customer.