social media marketing and mobile marketing working togetherIn a rapidly advancing online business world where technology seems to be moving forward at lightning speed, it’s important to keep up with new marketing tactics and strategies in order to remain competitive.  Not long ago social media marketing was all the rage (and still is), but now a marriage between mobile marketing and social media marketing has made it possible to instantly stay in touch anytime, anywhere.

Mobile marketing

Simply stated, mobile marketing is a relationship of sorts between an organization and an individual utilizing mobile data services.  With mobile phones, for example, people can send messages, text, talk and do all sorts of amazing things at any given moment.  This means the ability to upload messages, statements, videos, audio and more to sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter immediately.  No more waiting until you get to your home or office computer to send out vital information before it gets stale.

Social media marketing is a more comfortable, friendly way to connect with potential clients

Engaging in the discussions on social media sites like Facebook allow you to connect with people while at the same time establish yourself as an authority in your industry.  This is done in a way that is less “pushy” or “salesy”, which works to the benefit of many marketers today.  Social media helps you put your service/product in front of your target audience without coming off as a used car salesman.

Consider mobile as the “glue” that adheres your online business world to your real-world activities

Today, people are on the move more than ever before.  Whether at work, home, running errands or on vacation, the combination of mobile and social media marketing lets you stay in touch in an instant.  Your potential customers are constantly moving, and marketing has advanced forward to reflect this reality.

In recent years people could not stay in touch as easily as they can today.  This meant that conversations that needed to continue were cut short, often stifling the possibility of converting a new client or completing a joint venture.  Today, mobile applications combined with social media gives both parties a way to keep the conversation flowing in real time.

Businesses need to get on board with mobile and social media marketing

Today it seems that many businesses are “sitting on the fence” so to speak.  While many are still trying to promote their product/service directly via mobile marketing and social media, just as many are ignoring these potentially profitable marketing techniques because the thought of having to make a sale “on the spot” intimidates them.  What you should be thinking about is the fact that often the best “sale” is to have a potential client make the move to contact you.

In a nutshell, the combination of mobile and social media marketing allows you to connect in a way that leads your business down the path to a larger client base and increased profits.

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