As Indian cinema celebrates its 100th year of entertainment excellence, the Bollywood magazine Filmfare is also celebrating 60 years of existence. The 58th Filmfare awards that is organized to celebrate the excellence of Bollywood, is all set to be a special one for more than one reason. Idea that has been supporting Filmfare awards for the last five years, intended to bring the charisma of the red carpet one step closer to the common man. The telecom brand which is also quite active on social media created a cool campaign – #TicketToIdeaFilmfare that gave fans an opportunity to earn themselves free passes and feel the glitter of the red carpet.

#TicketToIdeaFilmfare campaign

#TicketToIdeaFilmfare campaign went live on 1/18/2013 and was targeted for people from Mumbai. The objective was to award exclusive passes to the fans but at the same time create a relevant buzz for the brand. The campaign can be seen in two parts – 1) Pre-campaign buzz and 2) Relevant buzz and maximum engagement on the day of the campaign.

1) Pre-campaign buzz: For the pre-campaign buzz, Idea focused on Facebook where it has a community of more than 4M fans. The brand started posting content which gave a sneak peek of the contest that would start in the coming days. Along with interesting updates, the brand added a dash of Bollywood glitter since it was about the Filmfare awards. The below screen grab highlights one such update that had more than 300 shares on the network.


2) Engagement on the campaign day: The brand made the campaign interesting by converting it into a hunt. It had selected 4 different locations in Mumbai where the tickets were hidden. The location clues were shared by the brand on Twitter, one would have to decode them and look for the Idea man in that location, who would be carrying the exclusive Filmfare awards night passes.

For this part the brand integrated Facebook and Twitter simultaneously. On Twitter the brand started revealing the clues and 4 clues were revealed for each location. The clues were quite interesting with a touch of Bollywood. The below screen grab gives a hint of one such clue.


Once the fans would grab the ticket from the offline location, Idea updated both its networks with the details of the winner.

The day long campaign not only ended up having happy fans but was also able to create some relevant buzz on both the networks. The Facebook page saw a constant growth of fans in the last couple of days. There has been upward growth of fans from Jan 15th i.e. when the brand started off with the pre-campaign buzz.

The Twitter community of Idea also saw a positive response. It added 122 followers by the end of the campaign on Twitter. The growth graphs of both the networks are highlighted in the below screen grab provided by Unmetric.

Ending thoughts

The campaign had all the elements to strike the right chords with fans. It was simple, well planned, made you earn and had the relevant incentive for a fan to go and hunt for the passes. The campaign not only integrated its prominent networks effectively but also tried to bridge the gap between online and offline.

Last year we had seen campaigns like the Reliance Tweet-a-tab treasure hunt contest that had much more tech involving Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter. In comparison, the #TicketToIdeaFilmfare campaign seems to be a smartly derived one and in my guess also executed within a moderate budget.

My vote goes to #TicketToIdeaFilmfare campaign since it not only gave its social media community an exclusive chance to be a part of an event that one may dream of, additionally, the brand made sure that the fans earn the couple passes for the 58th Idea Filmfare Awards.