I know what you’re thinking; big deal right?  I know.  It’s not a big deal at all success_babyreally.  But I did find it very interesting based on my particular circumstances, and I thought sharing might be useful in some way to some of my readers.

So I went on a blog hiatus for a few weeks, and it certainly made a significant impact on my Klout score.  I was hovering around 70 for awhile, and after about 4 weeks of not blogging, I dropped down to 67.  I’m not entirely sure what I think about that.  On one hand I get that one’s “influence” can fluctuate based on the contributions they make to the digital world, but the real question is, should it change that much over a short period?

I certainly don’t lose any sleep over my Klout score.  It’s just one of many ways to measure one’s online influence, but anyone that says it doesn’t matter is kidding themselves.  Many businesses are using Klout as a measuring stick for influence and not just for their perks program.  For that reason, I definitely pay attention to it, but quite frankly it’s really just a matter of making significant contributions to my blog and my social media streams, which I would do anyway.

So back to the topic at hand.  As I’ve blogged about many times before, I’m a user of Triberr and have found it an invaluable tool to increase awareness of my blog and drive more traffic here.  Over time I’ve associated myself with a number of relevant tribes, and now almost like clockwork, anytime I publish a new blog post, I can expect an extra 100 tweets or so of my post, as well as roughly 1000 unique visitors.  In addition to my own promotional efforts, combined I am seeing that simply posting to my blog increases my Klout score fairly significantly.  My post about losing website visitors brought my stale 67 score back up to 68 in one day.  I anticipate if I blog regularly over the next few days, I’ll be back up to 70 in no time.

Moral of the story?  If increasing your influence is important to you, consider a tool like Triberr to increase your reach, and ensure that you blog as often as you can without too many large breaks in between.