Spring has officially sprung and for most areas around the country, agreeable weather will greet us this Easter weekend. That means lots of egg hunts, picnics, brunches and parties for people of all ages.

Regardless of how your customers celebrate the holiday, many of them will be using social media throughout the weekend—and that offers brands a chance to use their accounts to attract Easter traffic. Consider using three quick tips to keep your brand top-of-mind during the busy holiday weekend.


Aim for family-friendly

Games and other online activities that appeal to every member of the family can be one way to keep audience members engaged. Holidays like Easter tend to involve family events, so use social media to reach out to parents looking for products and services to make their weekend easier. Create Twitter hashtags that are both easy to remember and to type from mobile devices; use Facebook to ask questions of your followers to keep them on your Page; and use Instagram to showcase the fun and novel ways your product or service can be used during the weekend.

Easter is a religious holiday that carries wide appeal, especially for children. If your product or service is kid-friendly, use social media to appeal to them, too—but be careful, since many social media platforms have age limits.

Go for big and bold images

Images are always a good way to capture attention, and Easter’s happy spring colors, cute bunnies and photos of tasty confections can stand out among the busy social media stream. Does your brand have a Snapchat account? Send snaps to followers that get them in the holiday spirit and encourage them to think about your brand.

Encourage your fans to hunt for their own Easter eggs

Easter weekend can be busy for brands, but it’s still a holiday, and that means creating content might be a challenge. Consider setting up a contest that encourages fans to submit content—like photos, tweets or status updates—to win free products or services. Getting your community involved in sharing their own content related to your brand is also a great way to build brand advocates.

But you don’t take Easter eggs so literally! Try hiding exclusive content on owned media properties like your blog or website and link to them from your social media accounts—but make the content relatively easy to find, so that visitors have a fair chance to get in on the fun.

With proper planning and creativity, brands can engage with their audiences during the entire weekend. How will you use social media to reach out to your community this Easter weekend?

Image credit: mkhmarketing