HootSuite Adds Google Page Publishing Support for Everyone!

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Have I mentioned I love Hootsuite.com for managing Twitter?


screenshot of connecting hootsuite.com to your Google+ Page

I found that it connected as easily as Twitter’s OAuth does, handled 2-step Authentication like a champ, and posted to Google cleanly with no sign that an app was used.

screenshot showing the publisher box in hootsuite being used to share to Google+ Page

I’m still frustrated that I can’t (yet) publish to my Google+ Profile but at the moment tools for that simply don’t exist. I’m sure they will arrive with time. However, if you’d like to tell Hootsuite about the need for them, please leave a comment on their post.

Overall I’m very pleased with how slick, complete and stable this integration is. Kudos to the Hootsuite.com team!

Be sure to join us for the livestream Hangout in a few weeks when we get together for a roundtable to discuss Twitter tips!

PS: TweetDeck.com also got a update to version 1.5 recently to include easier column management.