When you think of social networking sites, what comes to mind? “Likes” on Facebook? 280 characters on Twitter? Picture-perfect posts on Instagram? Professional connections on LinkedIn? The possibilities are endless when it comes to popular social media apps/platforms.

But what would these websites look like if they were paired with brutally honest slogans? A trending hashtag game on Twitter sought to answer that very question.

#HonestSocialMediaSlogans, which became a trending hashtag in the Silver Eye hashtag game Thursday morning, turned everyday social media taglines into brutally honest slogans. The hashtag game, which generated more than 9,000 tweets, included realistic slogans such as “Facebook – Pretend to have more interesting life than you actually do,” “Twitter: We are all damaged but funny” and “Hello, is this thing on? –AOL Instant Messenger.” (A nod to the fact that the chat platform is shutting down next month.)

Take a look at some of the best #HonestSocialMediaSlogans below:

Twitter Users Create #HonestSocialMediaSlogans with Fiercely Straightforward Taglines

How would you make social media slogans more brutally honest? Which #HonestSocialMediaSlogans tweet was your favorite? Sound off in the comments section below!