A Zombie Apocalypse is quite possibly one of the worst things that could happen, but equally as bad would be a Social Media Marketer that didn’t have the experience or knowledge to handle an apocalyptic situation.

If you want to have a successful and smooth Social Media Campaign hiring a professional is the way to go.  Much like having Rick Grimes lead you through the dangers of the Zombie Apocalypse an experienced Social Media Marketer knows how to lead your business through the bumps and lead the campaign in the direction that will benefit your bottom line.

Post Appropriate Content

Many business owners think their college-aged niece or young receptionist is quite capable of managing their Social Accounts.  How hard is it to post a link to an article?  While it is quite easy to post a link, it is necessary to make sure that link is appropriate and will not cause any trouble and will create engagement and interest.

Rick knows how and when to launch his plan on Alexandria.  He reads his audience and approaches the topics he wants to cover based on their level of interest and information.   He doesn’t just go off telling everyone what needs to be done, he drops his “posts” and “tweets” some information that others will engage with until they decide that they need a plan of action.


Posting Relatable Content

While you may think that a “fresh approach” to content is what your accounts need with plenty of emoji’s and hashtags it may not be the best for your goals.  If you have a 20-year-old trying to market to a 65-year-old they are probably going to miss the mark.  While a 42-year-old may not know what they 20 somethings are up to, they are seasoned enough to figure it out.  A knowledgeable Social Media Marketer would know that posting penguin and thumbs up emoji’s will likely not resonate with the 50-year-old set, but they will with the 20 something demographic.

Rick too knows how to use each of his team based on age and skill.  He knows not to put Father Gabriel on a run, but instead has Glenn lead the crew to get things done.  He understands what each of his friends are capable of and delegates the jobs accordingly.


Do the Research

Rick doesn’t just decide he is going to blast open the quarry entrances and let the zombies run around willy-nilly.  He plans and researches the best way to get that zombie horde out of the quarry and far from Alexandria.  In fact he has done so much research he is ready to carry out that plan a full day before it’s scheduled due to an emergency.

Without a plan in place your Social Media Campaign will be devoured by those zombies.  You need a solid, though out strategy that will help your business achieve its goals.  You need an old school Social Media Marketer who knows how to put a plan in place and carry it out, they will also know to change that plan when needed, as the old school, seasoned, experienced Social Media Marketer is always planning.


Hiring a professional, experienced Social Media Marketer is your best plan of attack.  If you want to have a successful Social Media Campaign, hire someone who knows what they are doing.  You wouldn’t want Carl leading you through a zombie apocalypse would you?

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