Talk about frustrating!

For the past few months, I’ve had no activity at my Facebook Fan Page, despite the fact that I’ve been posting videos, notes, tips and photos.

If you click on that link or paste into your browser window, you’ll end up in your own account.  Yet the page comes up in the search results if you do a search for pages under the keyword “publicity.”  So I know Facebook hasn’t yanked the page.

When I post a note, I tag people. Under each note, I can see the number of impressions, so I assume those people can see the notes on their walls.

I’ve contacted Facebook twice through their “bug report” form but have gotten no answer.  If you’re my fan and you can’t see my content, there’s no sense in posting content, don’t you agree?

Does anyone have any bright ideas about how to solve this problem?  Publicity Hound DeeNice Rhodes suggested going to LinkedIn and connecting with someone from Facebook, then explaining my problem. I’m going to try that today.  Are you connected to anyone on Facebook who might be able to help, and to whom you can make an introduction for me?

I’m also going to post the question to the techies on LinkedIn.

Help, please.  Has this ever happened to you? What did you do to solve the problem?