Linkedin Events Module broken for days…weeks?

I’m a Linkedin fanatic and use the network extensively for professional development, creating and building relationships. Mi6 is helping our clients use Linkedin and we’re seeing results.

Linkedin, is and continues to be a core network and platform we use at Silicon Halton. Linkedin has been an integral part of our success to date, and we’re tickled pink. I’ll be doing a case study post on how we’ve been building Silicon Halton into a vibrant community later this year.

However, there are now three issues that I feel need attention by Linkedin that marketers should be aware of. The first has to do with Linkedin groups and how to view discussiones, the second is what I call “phantom employees” and now issues with Linkedin events. I also want the good folks at Linkedin to be aware of these issues from a marketer and end user perspective.

The Pain I’m Experiencing with Linkedin Events

In this screencast I did this morning you’ll see firsthand where Linked Events are busted. I hope they get fixed soon.

Finally, I would like you to leave with a balanced perception about Linkedin. They are growing fast and have millions of accounts and probably hundreds of thousands of squeeky wheels like me! And now, shareholders! I’m sure they are doing their best to prioritize. Also, there are some great people I’ve met and know at Linkedin. I see this as an opportunity for them to raise the bar in terms of making Linkedin better for us and ultimately for them.