Businesses have realized the importance of using social media to improve their online presence and to connect with their customers. Using social media is not about selling, it is about building relationships and giving your company a personality.

One way to show your customers that there’s a real person behind your posts is to use #hashtags that many people already use.

Hashtags can be used on a number of different social media platforms, including Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. However, hashtags are most commonly used on Twitter and Instagram. By using hashtags, you’ll make it easier for others to notice your content and it also drives engagement.

You can come up with your own campaign hashtags or brand hashtags but every once in a while, if you want to join in on something that is popular and that is used week to week without fail, try these hashtags:


  • #MotivationMonday- Post inspirational quotes to start off your week in the right foot.
  • #MondayBlues- Most people can relate to that Monday feeling where you have to get back to work but you are still missing the weekend. Sympathize with your customers about Mondays but try to make it funny and something they can relate to, not something depressing.
  • #Music Monday- This is especially popular if you are in the entertainment industry but even if you’re in another industry, show people what you’re jamming out to at work. *Bonus points if “ManicMonday” comes on.


  • #TransformationTuesday- Post a before and after photo of a product that you have relaunched/re-branded or fixed. For example, in the trade show industry, we might get a trade show display with old graphics and it is a complete transformation when we replace it with new, eye catching graphics.
  • #TipTuesday- Try to incorporate this with your industry or business. Are you in the SEO industry? Share quick tips about how companies can improve their ranking. Work with an insurance company? Give people tips on how they can save money. Find a small problem and offer a quick solution.
  • #TuesdayTreat- Whether you want to take this literally and offer treats such as donuts to your walk in customers or offer discounts online, people love receiving things.
  • #TravelTuesday- Showcase the places that you have traveled to for trade shows or business meetings. If you haven’t traveled, post pictures or ideas of where you would love to travel.


  • #Humpday- Post words of encouragement or a funny picture about the middle of the week.
  • #WisdomWednesday– If you missed MotivationMonday or TipTuesday, this gives you another chance to post. (Quotes are very popular and are usually liked and shared).
  • #WellnessWednesday- Health & wellness is a big topic in the social media world. If your business is not involved in the food or health industry, you can talk about managing stress, the importance of rest, or other ways to stay mentally sharp at work.
  • #WackyWednesday- Post a picture of your staff being silly, share a story of something that happened unexpectedly, or if you’re experiencing something unique, share it!


  • #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT)- Share pictures of the first building you were in, of employees at a Christmas party years before, or of the owners in their first years of business. People love to see how business or people have changed throughout the years.
  • #TrendingThursday- Check what others are posting with this hashtag and jump in on the conversation! You can also choose one of your most popular products or services and ask for your customers opinions.
  • #ThankfulThursday- Tell your customers what you’re thankful for, whether it be a specific client or a new product that’s making your life easier.
  • #Thursdate- You don’t have to take this hashtag literally. Post a picture of a lunch date with coworkers or a business meeting you had.


  • #Friday Funday- Does your company have a Friday tradition? Share it with your customers, they love to see your business culture!
  • #FridayFavs- Post about your favorite new products and the cool features it offers.
  • #FridayFunny- Although not everyone has the same humor, it can be a powerful tool. Post a picture relating to your field that people in your industry might find funny, for example, we might post a funny image of printing mishaps.
  • #FollowFriday- If you’re connected with an industry leader and want to show them some love, recommend your clients to follow them! They’ll appreciate the shout out and might reciprocate the thought.
  • #FridayReads- Share a book that you’re reading that has taught you valuable business lessons or that has inspired you.


  • #SaturdayNight- Try to keep this somewhat professional (We don’t need to see pictures of your employees at a bar). If you went to a community event, feel free to share and show off your city, if you’re volunteering at a fun run, share it too! Anything that has a positive message that shows how you spend your free time.
  • #SaturdaySwag- Do you have any shirts, caps, socks or any other form of apparel with your logo? Show people where they can purchase your swag items.
  • #Caturday- People love to see pictures of animals, especially cats. Post a funny video or picture that has gone viral of catrs, or share pictures of your employees cats.


  • #SelfieSunday- With the permission of your employees, share selfies they’ve taken and talk about their position and why they’re important to your company.
  • #SundayFunday- Show off how you’re spending the day before the work week starts!

Although we like to use these hashtags, we don’t recommend using one every single day. Stick to a couple that you can use weekly and start a tradition (Our favorites are #MotivationMonday and #FridayFaves). You can also change them around to see what gets the best interaction and see what works for your business!