Social media surveys tell you about people who are on-line, have an interest in taking a survey, and/or your product. Traditional surveys do this, plus they tell you about people who aren’t on-line (there are still a few out there) and those who didn’t know about you or who might be interested.

While social media surveys have a place in research and marketing, they will not replace traditional surveys. Traditional surveys reach out to those not looking to fill out a survey and cover a span of demographics (age, sex, race, etc). They also present a picture that is more statistically accurate. This gives marketers the opportunity to truly understand the market better and/or to reach out to new groups and understand the other side of why some have not been interested.

Author: Jeanne Frazer heads up The Expert Speakers, a group that provides marketing, management and motivational speakers, writers, coaches and mentors with expertise in all facets of marketing and management across numerous industries for events, seminars and workshops. Frazer is also president of  vitalink® a creative + strategic marketing think tank, and strategic partner for Lawyers Marketing Agency.  Jeanne may be reached at [email protected] or 919.850.0605.