Seasonality and social media must form a key element in your marketing plan and if they don’t then make sure they do starting with Thursday, October 31st 2013. With Halloween around the corner you have the perfect excuse to reach out to a whole new audience in an interesting and sociable way.

Here are my top five tips for seasonal social media and socialising Halloween.

‘Seasonalise’ your website

Go the extra mile and incorporate seasonality into your website – this can be anything from Halloween social media icons through to updates to staff bios and pictures to make them festive.

Check out previous data

Use data from previous seasonal peak times of the year (look at Google Analytics data around key dates, review Facebook Insights and analyse completed contact forms) and let this drive your key social activities including time of the day for posting, subject lines that drove engagement, CTAs and hooks that led to an end result (assisted or otherwise).

Reach out to ‘spooky’ influencers

Take advantage of the Halloween trending traffic by proactively (in the days leading up Halloween) reaching out to #halloween thought leaders and seasonal specialists. The greater your supportive Halloween audience is, the greater the impact and engagement will be from any Halloween campaign that you undertake:



This is a must. It can be anything from best pumpkin carving to most spookily dressed CEO. The more creative you get with this (and the more visual), the easier it will be for people to get involved. Remember to offer a prize – no matter how trivial the prize may be, it will generate greater levels of engagement = Fact!

halloween_social_media_4The Business Analyst Coach

Host an event

Whether this is for engaging existing customers or for attracting new business, you will gather a larger attendee list when you incorporate seasonality into your events. This can work especially well when you are looking to educate an audience or are covering a very dry or complicated subject matter. Adding a twist to an event (like dressing up) not only creates a great icebreaker for first time attendees but also encourages interaction with your audience and adds personality to your brand.

If you want a success story for custom led attendance, think no further than Comic-Con:


So, as a takeaway, very little is more sociable than social events and seasonal occasions so take full advantage of the time of year and boost your social visibility and brand awareness in a fun and engaging way.

Use the data you have from previous years and supplied through key social media platforms like Facebook Insights and combine this with free data from Google Analytics, Webmaster tools and more.

Don’t be a bystander; get stuck in and host an event (fancy dress is a must) and get #hashtagging to make use of trending audiences.

Let me know what you decide to do for Halloween and feel free to mention my tips in your outreach.

Have a great October 31st: