What Is Foursquare Social network?

Foursquare is an innovative way of connecting people with each other instantly. It specially informs the members regarding their check-in status at different places. It is one of the most popular location-based social networks which can be used via mobile phones and Smartphones.  It motivates people to explore their surrounding such as shops, malls, and other places. It has gained tremendous popularity among the people and still increasing its horizon. Foursquare has unique potential to connect several members at a time and make them aware about their location and check in venues and earn some points. The member can easily win some badges and mayor tag once he/she achieve sufficient points.

Now, most of the businessmen acknowledge its power to influence and attract the customers toward their shops and venues. These unique social networking services of Foursquare can be utilized into boosting up the sales of small and large scale business.

Benefits of Foursquare social network service in Leveraging the Business:

  • It enables businessmen to stay connected with their customer wherever they are without wasting their time. This way the businessmen can easily strengthen their relationship with the customers.
  • It assists business to track out the feedbacks and enables to know what customers are thinking about their company or shop. The exact and real feedback can be received directly from the customers and respond them back either with solution or answers.
  • It enhances the sales of the business by encouraging the users via game based theme i.e. providing points on predefined check-in numbers and then give them prizes.
  • This is the best ‘word of mouth’ advertising, which easily makes the brand positioning of the shop and business in the market. Usually, players/members will refer to their friends and then those friends refer to their friends, this process keeps ongoing.
  • It attracts plenty of potential customers via loyal customers who may be termed as the ‘mayor’ after winning the predefined points.

Usefulness in boosting the sales of the shop and business:

It is the most prevalent question which is continuously knocking in the mind of the shop owners and businessmen. It is categorically stated that this social network service can be used in elevating the business sales and check in numbers of the customers in a particular venue. Here are some unique and successful methods to utilize Foursquare services in increasing the sales and customer traffic over the shop.

Get your shop listed in the Foursquare: It is very imperative that initially you must get your shop enlisted in the Foursquare member list. You need to search for your business/shop over the website of Foursquare to check that it is listed over there or not. If it is listed then move further and create your account to utilize its services by providing vital information regarding your business.

Always stay connected with your customers: It enables you to stay connected with your customers wherever they are. Therefore, you need to try to always make a direct contact with your customers and keep offering latest special offers and discounts via sending the updates. Since this service can be used via Smartphone so your customer instantly gets the updates and reacts accordingly.

Encourage more sharing (Shout-outs): It is clearly understood that the user can simply check in your venue and it gradually publicize your venue as most of its community members will see it in check-in status. However, provide some special gifts and discounts when users share their check-in status on Twitter and Facebook. It gives more instant boost up in the advertising of the company as these two of the giant social networking sites are fully loaded with members.

Make it fun and keep rewarding: Try to make your business check-in process as simple as fun for the members as they need to compete and enjoy earning points and rewards. Once the customers will change the target or win the game, he/she will be instantly rewarded. Everyone loves to get rewarded.

Encourage your customer: There are different ways of this social networking website that can be utilized to encourage customer participate in this game-based business advertisement. Everyone wants to earn more prizes and gifts including other benefits.

  • Mayor specials: Provide some extra special gifts to the mayor after identifying the mayor among the list of the customer, who has visited your venue more time or check-in frequently. It is the most effective and crucial part of the entire procedure. You need to keep mayor happy by giving him/her free drinks, free gifts and something special to make them feel special. Moreover, keep promoting and intensifying the competition among other members.

Keep contacting with your customers: This platform enables businessman to stay connected with their customers and compile a lot of information regarding their business.  Make sure that before start saying, listening to them is very important. Keep your door open to get more and more feedbacks whether it is positive or negative and provide the solution to your customer to satisfy them and make them loyal for long term.

Give Tips: Provide tips to your customer to enhance their experience with your shop and earn more and more points. You can inform them about some special product of the day and tips to get the points and discounts in that product.

Explore New Horizons: It is the best way to expand the horizon of the business as customers will promote them via their check-in status. The more people grow their communities, the more you will get customers.

Measure your business performance in the market.

These methods are well defined for the usage of foursquare social network in leveraging the business. It is an innovative and latest method of promoting business to huge extent. It is like get benefitted by playing games and stay connected with the friends.