Global Twitter Trends of the Week (Week Ending 2/7/14)

There are over 300 million tweets sent from around the world every day. Because Twitter has become such a major source for global news and conversations, we pull weekly trends to discover what the world is talking about. Here are some of the highlights:

Top Twitter Trend of the Week: Sochi 2014 ~ Facilities

We expect that the top Twitter trend for the next three weeks will be the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Because of this, we will focus on the top aspect that is trending; whether it be the facilities, Opening Ceremonies, or a certain Olympic event or athlete. This week’s focus is on the facilities:

As the Opening Ceremony is hours away, Twitter is on fire with Tweets about the problems occurring with athlete and media facilities. Ever since journalists first began arriving at the Winter Games’ host city, “Sochi Problems” has been one of the hottest terms on Twitter. So popular, a Twitter handle was created @SochiProblems and has already amassed close to 190,000 followers since it’s first Tweet on Tuesday (even more then the official @Sochi2014 Twitter handle).

Images of problems in bathrooms, hotels rooms, even lobby floors have Twitter talking. As the Opening Ceremony draws closer, Twitterers are expressing their excitement and patriotism. What do we have to look forward to in the upcoming weeks? We can’t wait too see how these Winter Olympics will play out.

Top Celebrity News: Philip Seymour Hoffman

News of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death rocked Twitter this week, after he was found at his home in New York City in an apparent heroin overdose. Philip Seymour Hoffman earned an Academy Award for 2006 Capote and was well known for his roles in Pirate Radio, The Hunger Games and The Big Lebowski. Hoffman had gone to rehab last year, when close to relapse after 23 years of sobriety.

Twitterers sent messages of sadness and grief, as well as memories and quotes from the late actor’s work. Others felt opposite and felt no remorse, saying that anyone who overdoses in fact, kills themselves. No matter which side you fall on this topic, one thing was made very clear on Twitter: children lost their father, and that is a very sad thing indeed.

Top Entertainment News: Superbowl Ads

Let’s face it- we all love Super Bowl commercials. Whether it’s a cute puppy and horse friendship, Arnold kicking butt at ping pong, or Radio Shack’s “phone call,” Super Bowl commercial s are great (if they’re spending that much, the ads better be).

Twitterers couldn’t help discuss their favourites, and call out the ones they didn’t think did well. Many of these commercials also started picking up millions of views on YouTube! The Budlight “Ian Up for Whatever” commercial has close to 14.5 million views, while the Budweiser Puppy ad has over 44 million!

We’re you discussing your top Super Bowl ad picks? What was your favourite super bowl commercial? Let us know in the comments below.

Top Tech News: Facebook Turns 10

Happy Birthday Facebook! The popular social media network celebrated it’s 10th birthday this week, and man, they sure have come a long way. You most likely saw the #Facebook10 hashtag on Twitter, or shares of friend’s 10 Year Lookback Video. These popped up all over Facebook feeds, showcasing the most ‘liked’ and most popular posts and photos that you’ve posted over the years. If you haven’t seen your own yet, make sure to check it out.

Facebook had also released a new app called Facebook Paper 2 days prior to hitting double digits. While Facebook Paper is only available in the US, could it be possible that this new social media meets FlipBook style app could be the future for Facebook and social media?

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