facebookFacebook is the largest social networking site today. Being huge as it is, it is not surprising that it is one of the biggest companies where people in general would like to be employed. It would be a big honor to be part of it, not to mention the great opportunities and the salary of course.

Alina Popescu states in her “Facebook, Best Large US Company to Work for” :

According to a recent survey published by Glassdoor, the company operating the popular social site ranks first among the best US employers.
The social network outran Southwest Airlines and management consultants firm Bain & Company on the list compiled by Glassdoor, an online site where users publish feedback on employers. General Mills was fourth on the list, while public relations firm Edelman was fifth. Also in the top ten were Boston Consulting, software company SAS Institute, Slalom Consulting, online retailer Overstock.com and Susquehanna International Group, private equity investors.

According to the survey, poor communication within a company is what makes employees most unhappy, while the top trait of highly rated employers is ”a very solid and distinct company culture,” said Robert Bohman, Glassdoor’s chief executive.

A company as big as Facebook could really offer lots of quality jobs to a lot of job seekers with the right talent and skills.

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