So you’ve created a business plan! Congrats on your new venture! Social media should be given the same amount of strategic critique and careful planning. Here is some free business consulting for your social media best practices.

1.  Streamline Your Social Media

Each social media platform should compliment and streamline one another; your Facebook fan page should direct users to your Twitter profile, to your blog, website, LinkedIn, and any other voice you have on the web.

The layout of each profile should be complimentary and consistent; use latest logo, slogan and current company information on each profile. It’s quite the tedious task when users have to ask, “Is this the same business as the one that I’m thinking of?” Don’t leave any room for confusion, you’re the professional.

2.  Organize a daily list of Categories for your Posts

Add diversity to your posts. Compile a list of categories you will include in your daily content. Remember to keep in mind that users are on your page to discover information or products that benefit or interest them! A few example categories:

  • Video Content
  • Photos
  • Articles
  • News
  • Product Updates
  • Latest Product information
  • News at the office
  • A daily tip
  • Creative category that is unique and special to your business!

3.  Organize DAILY posts

This is where many businesses fail at social media. You must post daily. Have you ever seen NIKE or other successful businesses with yesterdays content up? Once you decide what type of content and categories you want to include, devise a DAILY plan for when and where they will go.

Tip: Facebook, as of the latest study, is the best for interactivity over Twitter or LinkedIn. Save your interactive or longer posts for Facebook, and branding or updates for Twitter. And remember, just because there is more room on Facebook, there is no need to use it all, be short, be sweet and you will be effective.

4.  Pre-plan your tweets

Plan your daily social media marathon in one sitting. We have found Hoot Suite to be the best post scheduler so far.  Others include: LaterBro, CoTweet, TweetDeck, and more.  For a more in depth look into post schedulers, see Free Hosts for Scheduling Content

5.  RT and say thank you!

Remember to always thank your new followers, or people who interact with you in the case of Facebook. This needs to be a priority in your management hours. When you RT

Tip: Designate a time of day where you check on the status of your social media. This is where you will thank, follow, compose and manage your social media activity!

6.  Filler content

Sometimes you won’t have time to construct daily content. Have back up! Filler posts can be simple, brand focused, and generic information about your company. It keeps you involved in the social media community and maintains your presence.

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