Today it’s not about just posting content on our blog and social media, but rather attracting people to your personal brand in a way they can relate to. In order to grow your audience, it is important to take advantage of the latest trends, including live stories on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

How can you connect with fans and followers in a trusted way? Through in the moment photos and videos that will compel them to want to know more. An image or video post alone is not enough to hold people’s attention anymore, and with a little effort and creativity you can reach out to your community in a whole new way.

Social media marketing is all about community, and presenting a message that is real and compelling. There are several ways to attract followers to your personal brand with live stories.

Steps to Building Effective Social Media Interactions

Creating a visual that shows the personal side of your company starts with a presenting your unique brand. Use these steps today to create a memorable message:

  • Bring your audience into ads – Most people will click away from a standard advertisement that is just selling to them. Thanks to new mobile technology your brand can include real products, customers, and even places to promote what you have to offer. This can be a fun and interactive way to draw in more customers.
  • Take them to your next event – If your audience can’t make it to your next offline event then why not take them with you virtually? This way they can still be a part of the action and may be compelled to join in on the next one. This behind the scenes look gives them exclusive access to your business and helps spread the word on what you’re doing.
  • Present snippets of full video – After you have uploaded a feature to your blog and places like YouTube or Facebook your brand can also bring in viewers through short snippets or introductions. Be sure to include a link of where they can find the full video, and include a call to action in your post.

Live stories for your personal brand is a great way to connect more with your leads and customers. Entice your market with creative posts that clearly represent your business in a way that stands out from the rest. This is an opportunity for more creativity and building a loyal audience as you connect with your followers on their level.