You may already be optimizing your website content, blog posts, and even your social media properties for your top keywords to get your business found on search engines. But there are also some little-known tricks you can use to help increase your chances of getting found on Google. For example, did you know you can further boost your local web presence and even the visibility of your website by optimizing your content on YouTube, Twitter, and your local business listings? Here are a few ways to create content for these channels that helps you get found in Google by local searchers.

1) YouTube Videos Have High Visibility In Google Search Results

Because Google owns YouTube, having even one video posted on the site and optimizing it for your local keywords can significantly increase your chances of getting found when people search on Google.

Tip: Create a YouTube Channel & Optimize it for Local Keywords

In order to help your videos show up in local searches, make sure you include your target keywords in the following places:

  • Channel Name & Description
  • Video File Name
  • Video Title
  • Video Description

In addition, include a link back to your website and a call to action in both the video itself and in the description to help boost your site’s search engine relevance. YouTube’s annotation and cards features allow you to include active hyperlinks within the video itself to increase engagement and traffic to your website or other videos, which can boost the SEO power of your website and YouTube channel.

2) Local Listings Pages & Reviews Show Up Too

Google’s search results often feature other directories and listing sites —from general business listing sites like Yelp and to industry-specific sites such as Healthgrades,, and TripAdvisor — that feature local information like your phone number and local address.

Tip: Claim All Your Local Business Listings –Not Just Google’s

First, set up your local listing on Google My Business. Then, make sure you’ve claimed your business on other top listings as well. When you claim your listing, you can also include your top local keywords in your business description, image, and URL to increase its visibility in the search results. Plus, ensuring these listings are updated and consistent can benefit your business website in organic searches as well.

3) Individual Tweets May Now Display In Google

Did you know that Google is now indexing individual tweets in its search results? This means that creating tweets that include important keywords and generate lots of engagement can help people find those individual tweets when they search. But, how can you get your tweets to rank in topical and business name keyword search results?

Tip: Include Long Tail & Business Keywords in Tweets & Drive Engagement

One of the top rank-ability factors for tweets is their engagement, including shares, retweets, and visits. Here are some tips for driving engagement on your tweets:

  • Include target business keywords and relevant hashtags (1-2 max)
  • Tweet when your followers are online and engaged
  • Include infographics, videos, images, slideshares, and other visual content
  • @-Mention industry sources, local influencers, and top followers
  • Interact with your followers and respond to direct tweets quickly
  • Include links back to your website

What other secrets do you have for getting found by local searchers? Chime in below in the comments!