The Shorty Awards honour the best in social media; recognizing the people and organizations producing real-time content across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare and other social media platforms. These Awards are a worldwide effort to engage hundreds of thousands of Twitter users to identify the best people and organizations on social media. At the 5th Annual Shorty Industry Award ceremony held in New York, Mumbai based Social Media Marketing and Digital Solutions agency, Foxymoron was presented the Shorty Industry Award for its Annual Digital Strategy for campaigns in India for Maybelline New York.

Pitted against international campaigns for brands like Dr.Pepper, TV Shows – How I met Your Mother and Game of Thrones, WWE and Cartoon Network, Foxymoron won in the category of Best Overall Brand Presence on Facebook.


The Maybelline New York India Facebook page is 2 million fans strong with an interactive women-centric community, as a result of creative and engaging campaigns across Facebook. The aim of these campaigns was to develop an idea that was clutter breaking in the cosmetics category to get women on Maybelline’s social media properties to sit and take notice, get educated and eventually have them use the unique products on offer by Maybelline New York in India.

From asking Indian men to vent their frustrations against women, to women responding with ‘nude suggestions’ and throwing ‘nail it parties’– every interaction was intriguing and exciting for fans. Fans responded with quirky, crazy and comical insights that helped build positive relationships with them, that lasted much beyond a Facebook ‘like’.

Here’s a video capturing the many campaigns across Facebook that helped build the Maybelline Facebook community:

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