Imagine a journey that takes you by surprise, a journey that is completely chosen through randomness. Now you could take this kind of a journey for free! Fox Traveller, the travel and lifestyle channel from Fox has launched an unplanned, surprise journey for its Facebook fans, in partnership with travel company Yatra. Weighing on its principle of ‘This journey is fun!’ Fox Traveller has embarked on a new journey called ‘UN’ where un refers to unwind, unplanned or unmapped journeys, that take the traveller by surprise. And as a part of ‘un’, fans have been invited to a Facebook contest where their signature could decide their destination!

Where will your signature take you?

The Facebook contest titled ‘Where will your signature take you‘ is hosted on a neat Facebook application that is accessible after you ‘like’ the Fox Traveller page. In fact, the same app is also hosted on the Yatra Facebook page. To begin with, you need to drag the mouse on a white area of a map to create your signature. That might be tough but you can keep retrying to finally approve it.


On confirmation, the map will highlight the region covered by your signature, enlisting the countries that you are going to visit. Now that you are aware of your destination, invite your friends. All your friends who have accepted your invite and played the game will now feature in your friend’s gallery.

From the gallery, select the friends with whom you would like to go on a trip as the person with maximum number of friends confirming to travel, will make it to the final level. Do read through the Terms & Conditions link given at the bottom. The campaign seems to be unpredictably cool however it wasn’t clear to me how many fans would get the chance to travel to the destinations covered by their signature. My signature has covered France and Belgium, two places I would love to visit!

How good is the campaign?

The concept is a cool one and well designed for the Facebook platform. An unplanned vacation that is decided by your signature sounds fun. Inviting your friends on Facebook will not only help make this a memorable vacation, but also spread the word about the contest. Apart from an interesting idea, the design and execution of ‘Where will your signature take you?’ is neat and simple. However, it would be preferable to bring in more clarity to the number of winners.

Also, being a ‘like’ campaign, it will help grow the community of both Fox Travellers and Yatra. Joint promotions by the Facebook pages of both the brands will also help in driving engagement and viewers for the show. Besides, this app has been better designed than the previous one for its show ‘Twist of Taste’ where the app did not inform viewers to ‘like’ the app to access the contest.

I hope you have put in your signature as Lady Luck might just come your way. Do share your views on the campaign.

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