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If you’re a small or medium-sized business and have social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, I have a serious question for you: why should I follow your social networking sites? Like most business professionals, during the workday I’m hammering away on projects, serving clients, brainstorming with coworkers and so on and so on. My personal time is dedicated to family and friends, race training and an ongoing cycle of weddings, bachelor’s parties and engagement parties… and of course, an occasional round of Candy Crush here and there.

Bottom line – what’s special about your tweets, Facebook posts or LinkedIn status updates? If you can’t answer that question without saying something generic like “Well, our company is the best…” then you’re not “doing social media right.”

Alright, so maybe I’m coming across as a little harsh and snooty. I promise it’s only because I care! All in all, I’m just trying to convey the importance of social media content.

Many companies struggle with this….determining what to post on their social networking sites. Desperate to increase sales, a lot of small businesses just post all of their new products or service offerings and try new and clever ways to relay their sales pitches. Cross your fingers, hope someone sees your Facebook post and buys from you, right? Oh, if only it were that simple!

In today’s competitive market, consumers are constantly bombarded with sales pitches. No matter where they turn to, companies are shouting out, “Buy from me! Buy from me!” Even if your company is the best, it’s becoming more difficult to “rise above the noise” and convince your targets. How aggravating is it to hear a lead say, “Oh, I just bought from [your competitor who makes your face cringe, stomach drop and raise your blood pressure],” even though you know your company is a zillion times better than them!

This is precisely why a coherent social media content strategy is so important. You can use your content to prove you’re better than your competition. Instead of just posting your sales pitch, you have to build credibility and trust through your valuable content. This will help you nurture leads. Then, when your targets are ready to buy, they’ll turn to the company they trust the most – you. Take that competitor!

So what is valuable content? This of course, will depend on your industry. However, valuable content is information your prospects actually need, data that they can use, solutions to problems and assistance with challenges. Your goal for your social media sites: become a Resource Center for your target audience. Top 10 tips, “How to” tutorials and links to relevant industry news are all good examples of valuable content.

Think about someone memorable from a Local Chamber of Commerce meeting or a trade show. What makes them memorable? Chances are it’s because they were personable and knowledgeable about their field. During your conversation, they were probably able to establish credibility…you trusted their information and judgment. The same thinking should apply to social media. You want people to think of you as the subject matter expert in your field.

Now is the perfect time to review your social media posts. Are you providing valuable content? Are you giving prospects a reason to follow you? Are you providing them with benefits for being a follower? The answers to these questions should be a resounding, “YES!”

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Make those content improvements and maybe next time we cross paths…I’ll stop playing Candy Crush and follow your sites. Cheers!

Image Credit: Oracle Digital