With nonstop service to more than 30 locations, Sun Country Airlines based out of the Mendota Heights suburb of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, is primed for takeoff. Their solid initial social media success has them ready to be the nation’s leader in affordable airline travel.

Sun Country is a Hometown Airline — providing cost-efficient flights throughout the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom. The airline introduced Sun Country Vacations in 2009, which allows customers to book their entire vacation, including hotels, flights and car rentals, in a single transaction. The airline has transitioned over the years, but has earned a reputation as an industry leader for domestic airlines in the United States.

Their solid foundation and digital success can be attributed to the company’s award-winning customer service, great low fares and adherence to social media best practices. Sun Country has utilized their core values as an asset in the digital space, both with their ability to build brand awareness and translate their fervent commitment to customer service onto social media platforms.

Here are the top takeaways from Sun Country’s social success:

Build Your Brand

In order to succeed in implementing any social media strategy, it is important to know your company and its goals. Doing so will help distinguish your brand from the competition. Building a brand online is more than a simple application of the brand on various platforms. It’s important to consider the norms and best practices of each social media platform. It involves aligning your reputation and image to each platform — being both consistent in tone and brand, while remaining flexible and creative for each platform.

Sun Country has done a tremendous job of building their brand through both Facebook and Twitter. On both platforms, it is evident that the airline values its customers and works to engage them through deal and exclusive offers. True to their brand, they also show a strong commitment to customer service, offering feedback to passengers who post and tweet to the Sun Country accounts.

Sun Country social media, twitter

Engage Influencers

Building relationships with key influencer is essential in building a social media presence. Following and engaging with those who have influence in any digital space is a great way to build credibility in any digital space.

Be CreativeSun Country does an excellent job of engaging their Facebook community, treating their followers to exclusive deals and offers. On their Twitter account, they offer quick feedback to passengers mentioning concerns or providing positive feedback. Sun Country has done an excellent job of making their Twitter account an extension of their brand, taking pride in what is obvious customer loyalty. Just by glancing at their Twitter feed, it is clear to see why Sun Country is such a popular choice for domestic flights.

With so many voices in the digital space, it’s important to be creative in order to garner any attention. Many are competing for the attention of users, so it is critical to switch up content — whether it is subject matter, images, videos, etc.

Sun Country social media Facebook

Sun Country does a tremendous job of engaging their customers through a variety of interactive content. Asking questions about traveler’s ideal vacation spots and providing fun, thought-provoking imagery helps entice their customers to engage.

Ready for Takeoff

With such a strong foundation, we anticipate continued social media success from Sun Country. One of the keys moving forward for this domestic airline will be rounding out their digital marketing strategy with optimized content, including their website, as well as adding some strategic digital advertising. With some investment in advertising, Sun Country will garner even more visibility for their content — resulting in additional leads and sales. Some search engine optimization will help continue to elevate Sun Country about their competition, and allow more visibility for their brand. We know that with some adjustments, this can be the domestic airline of choice for passengers everywhere.