Gone are the days when social media was considered just an outlet for boring social commentary or a way to tell everyone what you had for dinner. Social media management is now a key part of any successful digital marketing platform and most businesses benefit enormously from attaching social media profiles to their organisations. However, some people have yet to come round to the idea of it and here and there the odd boss might be dragging their heels – if yours is one of them then here are five ways to convince them to start the social media journey.

1. This is where your audience is. 91% of online adults use social media regularly, Facebook has more than 1.23 billion monthly active users and Twitter more than 241 million monthly active users. There are currently 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, which amounts to some 87% of the world’s population – an organisation that doesn’t use social media is missing out on a huge captive audience.

2. It’s a useful customer service tool. Social media allows for contact to go both ways, which means that your customers – or anyone else for that matter – can use it to get in touch with you. Instant responses, a more personal approach and the opportunity to manage PR disasters directly are all advantages of social media use.

3. It’s a powerful marketing tool and essential for lead generation – figures indicate that 55% of consumers will share their purchases socially, whether that’s via Pinterest, Twitter or another social media site – there are few other marketing tools where your consumers do all the hard work for you.

4. It’s key to networking in 2014 – LinkedIn is the primary professional networking site for 61% of users so it’s become a seriously effective platform for building industry profile and reputation.

5. It’s already proven a huge success. If there’s one thing that’s likely to convince your boss to start using social media it’s the success that others have seen from using it. 58% of organisations that have incorporated social media marketing over a period of three years have seen increased sales during that time; almost three quarters of brand marketers investing just six hours each week saw an increase in website traffic; and in analysis of 60+ Facebook marketing campaigns, almost half saw a return on investment of five times or more, while 70% saw an return of more than three times. The figures speak for themselves!

Making all of the above work for your business is where Klood comes in. We can assist with a digital marketing strategy, including Twitter for business and a whole range of social media services – contact one of the team today.