Social networks are an excellent place to find new leads, no matter what you do. If you’re a freelance web designer, a software solution shop, or even a business consultant, you can find clients on Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks. Yes, it takes time and perseverance, but that’s how you build a business.

The short short version is:

Help people consistently in your line of business and make sure your profile is complete – and people will find you.

The slightly longer version is:

You can join groups in Facebook and LinkedIn, track hashtags or keywords in Twitter and take advantage of the visual aspects of Instagram and Pinterest. Offer advice and help to people who ask for it without (and this is important) selling your services, and you’ll be surprised at the amount of feedback you get.

Make sure that your social profile is complete – your name, a headshot, a way to contact you, perhaps a little about yourself and what you’ve done in the past. This way people can relate to you even before they talk to you.

And a bit about social networks:


Pinterest have just come out with company pages, but even before then, this booming social network was an excellent place for freelancers to show off their portfolios.

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with this social network, Pinterest consists of visual ‘Pins’ that you stick to your board, which can then be found by others based on relevance, popularity and shared interests.
Are you a photographer? Pin your photos here. Web designer? Show off your portfolio. Developer? Show off screenshots of your latest app.

With people sharing your pins (‘re-pin’ them), prospective clients have a higher chance of seeing your work, and of course, getting in touch with you.


Not surprisingly, LinkedIn, the ‘business’ social network of over 170 million people, is an excellent way to find new leads.

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You should join groups that are relevant to your business, start networking with people who are looking for help, answer questions on LinkedIn answers – there are many ways to get in touch with prospective clients on LinkedIn, which I’ll elaborate on in a separate post.

Don’t forget that LinkedIn is a business network. Make sure that your profile is as complete as possible, so that people who come to see it can look over your past projects and accomplishments, and get in touch with you if they need to.


Who doesn’t know Facebook? With over a billion members, Facebook is the largest social network by far. With over a billion members, your clients are sure to be there, of course.

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The best place to interact with people is via the Facebook groups. Search for ones that are in your business niche, or area of interest, or even in your local geographical region. Join them, and see what you can do to help people and provide content.

Again, once you prove your expertise in your profession, people will start recommending your services, and you will be able to find a surprising number of leads.

What social network have you found to be most useful in your line of work?