One just can’t get enough of the movies in India. While this is true for a nation that produces thousands of movies in several languages every year, it is also true that a number of movie platforms have now emerged for the fans in the country too.

The most recent social movie platform to be launched in India not only serves to bring together movie buffs but also act as a platform for new talent discovery. Founded by Ganesh HS and Gaurish Akki, the platform called ‘FilmySphere’ enables movie buffs to follow their favourite celebrities, movies and also stay updated with auditions and jobs.

Getting started with FilmySphere

FilmySphere provides an email signup in addition to a Facebook login. Once you sign in, you can choose to be a part of ‘Talentsphere’ and be notified of auditions. When it comes to movies, my only talent is to watch them, so I let that go. A Facebook login enables connecting with friends already on the platform and know what movies they’re watching, which celebrities they are following, including reviews posted by them. After creating a profile, one can also find and follow new friends on the network.


The home page (as shown in the screenshot above) lists movies in order of the currently running movies and the upcoming ones. You can add it to your watchlist or give a 5-star rating if you have watched the movie. Clicking on the movie gives detailed information in terms of plot, cast and crew, trailers and songs. Currently, the list include Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English and Bengali movies only.

Discover & get discovered

Additionally, FilmySphere is like a meeting place for talented people and the people looking out for them. If you are looking to be a part of movies as a cast or crew, or you are hunting for aspiring talent, then ‘TalentSphere’ is the place for you. You can browse through various talent ranging from actor, writer, musician, dancer, cinematographer, etc. Every category is further divided into sub-categories; for instance, under ‘writer ‘, you can search writers for script, screenplay, dialogues, lyrics, etc.


‘Auditions & jobs’, as the name suggests, lists the various vacancies in upcoming film projects. Currently, one can view and apply for positions in Nirantara creations. Also, under businesses it lists casting agencies and training institutes that will be useful for the aspiring talent.

A social movie platform?

The Facebook login and the ability to find and connect with people in the movie industry makes it an ideal social platform indeed. But, the social features are more inclined towards being a common meeting ground for movie industry aspirants and the movie makers. Features in the Talentsphere have been designed to facilitate and promote this group of people who want to make a career in the movie industry, rather than movie buffs.

The design is neat and clean and the site provides smooth navigation. Also, FilmySphere is available on mobile for Android and iOS platform as well. The simple app allows you to create a profile and follow movies, celebrities and the latest news in the industry. The mobile app is similar to the web app, except that it does not include the ‘Talentsphere’ feature.

For movie buffs alone, there are dedicated social movie discovery platforms we had reviewed earlier like Rinema, FlixStreet and The Review Monk. But, you wouldn’t find such an extensive collection of Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali movies as you can in FilmySphere.