comparing twitter and facebook apples and oranges

If you are a business owner, you may be exploring ways to grow your business via social media. You may wonder if either of the two largest social media sites, Facebook and Twitter, are even worth your time. The answer is resounding yes, and for a number of reasons. Both Facebook and Twitter help customers to find you, and you can get the word out concerning sales and special promotions out at the speed of light once your social media presence is established.

As to which is better for your business, that is something you will have to find out for yourself, and both are proven to help.

Using Twitter To Grow Your Business

Twitter is a place for short, to the point conversations. Think of it was a virtual water cooler. Once you open a business account there, practice putting out short, straight to the point messages about your business. You can get even more from your Twitter posts by using pictures. Twitter has 200 million active users daily for you to connect with.

With just a few retweets, your message can get across to thousands of users in just a few minutes or less. Perhaps the most key element in getting your message across to your target audience is to bring something of value to any conversation you are in, and bring value to the table at all times. Above all, Twitter is a place for meaningful dialogue.

Using Facebook To Grow Your Business

The business power of Facebook has changed the business world. With over 1.5 billion users worldwide, you can reach clients in a cost-effective manner, and faster than ever before. Using Facebook, there is no limit on the size of your message, so you can get as wordy as you like when promoting sales and discounts on products and services.

Facebook is much like a group of people gossiping over morning coffee. If one person sees a friend who endorses a product, they are much more likely to try that product themselves. The more you grown your business Facebook page, chances grow that each and every post you make can go viral and reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes.

Facebook can help you to engage your clients more deeply than any other marketing tool out there. You can easily hear their concerns, their likes about your company, and much, much more.

So Which Is The Better Choice For Your Business?

Truth be known, most businesses who are focused on success use both Twitter and Facebook. So the answer is not either or, the answer is using BOTH.