Analytics are everything in a marketing campaign; knowing what works and what doesn’t is vital to making sure you successfully meet your goals. Being able to measure your social media impact can be difficult, but recently Twitter introduced native analytics to help us all do this. Facebook already has their own analytics on the platform, so how do Twitter’s analytics match up?

We took a deep-dive into what Twitter has to offer against what Facebook has been letting us measure for a while.

Facebook vs. Twitter Analytics

All in all, Facebook measures more actionable items (such as likes and comments) while Twitter focuses on effectiveness of posts.

Facebook Wins: Facebook gives much more information on followers (demographics) and their online behavior (when they’re on Facebook, etc). This can be helpful when brands are trying to identify their audience, figure out best times to post, and to learn more about their fans.

Twitter Wins: Twitter gives more overarching trends with their ‘Growth Graph’ and engagement percentages. For a overall scope of your Twitter campaign, the new analytical tool is great way to measure improvement of a campaign.

We’re sure each tool will build out and expand their analytical offering, but for now both platforms give us a lot more information on our fans than ever before.

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