FBconnectSome people may think that Facebook is going the way of Friendster and MySpace. It may be so big now but it will be gone in the near future. They say that, even though Facebook has 600 million members this number doesn’t say anything because even dogs have accounts and some people have multiple accounts on it and so the number is just a number. However I believe it quite effective.

A post at TwistImage views Facebook not as a destination but a platform:

When Mark Zuckerberg and his team talks about helping people to connect, he isn’t just talking about on www.facebook.com. He wants them to connect anywhere (online, mobile, tablet, etc…) and everywhere (on other websites, Blogs, etc…)… he just wants Facebook to facilitate that connection (and have access to that data) – wherever it might occur. If you can see Facebook more as a platform than the destination where you see whose Birthday it is today or who posted some racy photos of themselves online, you can begin to see how the bigger pieces are starting to click together in this very interesting puzzle.

As long as people realize this fact then Facebook is far, far away from over. Facebook is the connection itself. People may decrease their time on Facebook.com but as sure as the sun rises from the East, some site that a user will visit is somehow connected to Facebook. Facebook doesn’t just connect people to friends or to others, it connects people to the world.

Facebook lets people carry their identity across the web. Users can visit other sites via Facebook. Facebook is letting us have one personality or identity to be used in our online life. It is quite useful, logins via Facebook saves people time when signing up to use new sites as well.

It will be hard to ignore Facebook because it is everywhere.