Social Media Marketers are always looking to “cut through the clutter” (really overused, I know) in an effort to get their Facebook marketing campaigns noticed. As community managers and social media marketers try to make their promotions, campaigns and contests come across as more professional, more personalized and more branded – they’re turning to third-party Facebook Page apps to help them achieve this.

Simply put, a Facebook App is a mini-website that sits on your Facebook page and allows you to give your fans an experience that goes beyond the realm of Facebook – but is still tied back to Facebook’s Open Graph allowing the contest or promotion in the app to stay connected to social media and go viral.

Yet, there are a fair amount of community managers and social media marketers who don’t quite “get” Facebook Apps or completely understand the concept. Circus Social put together an infographic titled, “Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Apps” that neatly portrays what a Facebook App is, what it helps marketers achieve and how they can put them to good use. It also debunks a fair amount of myths and questions about Facebook Apps that are often asked.

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Apps!

With the January 21 changes on Facebook reach put forth by the biggest social network in the world, page managers and administrators have no option other than to resort to measures such as successful, driven campaigns to drive reach and engagement around their brand. Facebook tab apps that live on Facebook pages and provide social media marketers to do just this are a great solution to drive engagement.

In addition to just providing page admins with the ability to drive engagement in a creative manner that’s free of the Facebook shackles, admins also have the ability to build their e-mail databases using these apps and contests – since users of the app on their pages also reveal their e-mail addresses when taking part in the contest – thereby allowing page admins to market to them in a better manner.

What’s your experience with Facebook Page Apps been like? Have you ever used one for your page to do a promotion or run a contest?