It has become quite obvious that Influencer marketing compliments traditional celebrity marketing in a very effective way. In fact, one might argue EVERY celebrity campaign should take advantage of influencer marketing amplification.

Smart influencer marketing alongside a celebrity driven campaign…

A commercial that features A-list celebrities like Jeff Goldblum and Lil Wayne is a great start to any campaign, but even this great effort can go to waste if it doesn’t grab the attention of social media influencers. (and I assume the supporting agency) recognized this when they created their Super Bowl campaign, #MovinOnUp, they took action to ensure it wasn’t lost in the crowd.

The marketers of used a three-pronged approach to getting their message out. The first element of the campaign was a 60-second Super Bowl commercial featuring Lil Wayne with Jeff Goldblum. Second, they created teasers featuring Lil Wayne and George Washington to pique the audience’s interest. The third crucial element of the campaign was to bring three YouTube influencers (Kurt Schneider, Noah Guthrie and VanJess) on board and get them to create their own versions of the “Movin’ on Up” song used in the ad. These influencers generated interest around the campaign in networks that would have been likely to miss the main ad, greatly extending the reach of #MovinOnUp.

The Ad Council is a Thuzio360 subscriber and found great success with their I Am A Witness campaign against online bullying. They generated huge attention among the 11-17 age group by using some of the main influencers targeting this group, including Grace Helbig, Joshua Evans, Brittani Louise Taylor, Trevor Moran, Jordyn Jones, Ricky Dillion and Lizzie Velasquez, in the campaign’s main video. Major celebrities such as Bruno Mars and Ellen DeGeneres then tweeted the video on their social channels.

Another successful example was the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, which leveraged microinfluencers to create custom YouTube videos promoting the event. In combination with Vine star Josh Peck, these influencers created a huge buzz around the awards in the 6-14 target age group.
Don’t make the mistake of spending money on big name celebrities for your campaign without having the influencer networks in place to spread their message. It’s easy with the right software (nudge), and cost-effective.