Yesterday, I received an invitation from a friend to read a blog post @blogengage about Empire Avenue. At first, I didnt understood anything – Am I selling my social media accounts? What is the purpose of this game? What can I win?

So, like every other online user I started researching about Empire Avenue. Here is what I found about it:

How does Empire Avenue Works?

In this social media game, you will be able to buy and sell share of your friends, influental members of the community and even celebrities. You can buy maximum of 200 shares in every person you like and he/she is added to your portfolio. In addition to that you have your own shares to sell and there are hundreds of people, who are really happy to invest in you.

During the game, your own share price increases, based on your investments, interactions and shareholders. All this makes the game feel kind of like stock exchange simulator, where instead of shares from companies, they come from social media accounts. The currency used in the game is called eaves.

How to get eaves?

There are many ways you can get eaves and build up great portfolio. Here are the most common ways to do this:

Order Them with Real Money

Like in all online games, if you have some money to spare, you can quickly advance in your progress. Empire Avenue is no different for prices between 5$ and 100$, you can get between 10K and 500K eaves to spend in the game. There are also additional upgrades you can buy and they will help you improve your popularity within the game.

If you plan to use Empire Avenue for promoting your website or blog, you can order advertising and you message will reach as much people as you can afford – the price per page view is 0.02$, so you can get quite decent traffic for as low as 20$.


You Want More Action – Go on a Mission

Another very cool way to earn soem eaves is to go on a mission. Each user can offer other users a certain amount of eaves to do something, he or she wants. For example, in some missions, you will have to visit a blog post, read it, comment on it and share it on your social media accounts. However, the game doesn’t allow you to go on missions if you havent invested in the person, who assigns the mission.


Making eaves With Investments

The more eaves you invest in other members, the more your network grows and so your comission. You can get an overview for the shares you plan to buy and how their price changed every day. The share price in the game is affected by the users interaction and investments. In oder words, to earn more eaves you must be active in the community.

Why Play in Empire Avenue?

Since, many of us have plenty stuff to do, we dont like to spend a lot of time on a particular website if there will be no benefit for us. The people, who created Empire Avenue made it clear that their game serves as “Social Media Rocket Fuel”. Based on my experience by now, you can use Empire Avenue to promote any content to your shareholders, which believe me can be thousands of people and also you can make any member share something you created, if you just offer some eaves in return.