Summer is in swing.

This is the time of the year when the majority of employees take time off work, due to child-care (with schools being closed) and wanting to spending time recharging their batteries.

Social media and cyber security play a big role in the summer. On a daily basis, and particularly when we travel, we are all guilty of sharing personal photographs, pictures of our families and kids on our social media accounts. With publicly showing our meals out or just picnics in the park, everybody can see where we go, how long for and when we are back home.

Cyber security is an issue that is becoming predominant both in our business and home life. That’s why we all need to educate ourselves in looking after our own online privacy, in order to reduce potential risks, such as burglaries for example.

Our public Twitter accounts can be merciless if a savvy criminal is planning to act.

Advertising your vacation plans on social media seems like a sharing-fun thing to do; however, digital footprints are all clues available to anyone who is trying to find out about us. We’re all guilty of Googling our names, so yes, potential criminals can track down your address this way.

They can track you down by checking your other social media accounts for clues. They can easily identify where you live. Did you know that insurance claims may not be granted if you have a public display of your whereabouts on social media splashed all over the internet? This may result in a claim that cannot be validated. So, here are just a few easy tips to share for a safer summer:

  • Be cautious what posts and images you share on social media. Who can see your posts? Do you know your settings?
  • Spend some time checking how safe your Twitter account is as well as Facebook. Here are some guides: Click here for information on how to secure your Twitter account, and here for tips on how to secure your Facebook account.
  • The beautiful holiday scenery pictures posted on a daily basis can only contribute to an easy burglary, if any savvy criminal out there is ready to act.
  • If you still fancy sharing the pictures of your idyllic vacation with friends and family, what about posting a whole album – together with notes about the holiday – once you are back home?
  • Here is some more advice about safeguarding your home or business while you are away on vacation.