Especially here in New England, we all know Dunkin’ Donuts fanatics. “Dunks run?” is their typical 3pm (okay, or 10am) rallying cry. They see nothing wrong with ordering an iced latte in January. Business trips to DD-less cities are met with dread and disdain.

And now Dunkin’ Donuts fans across the country are being celebrated with the new integrated campaign “I’m Drinkin’ Dunkin’!” (the answer to the question, “What are you drinking?”). The QSR hosted open casting calls for fans in November, and many of the 1,000 attendees were cast in current commercials. Expect the accompanying social media, radio, billboards and even in-store events to resonate with the theme of the commercials.

It’s not surprising to see such fan-friendly marketing campaigns from Dunkin’ Donuts. After all, they’ve demonstrated that they’re happy to feature some of their cult following. Like how each week Dunkin Donuts picks one Facebook Fan of the Week and uses his or her DD-related snapshot as the Dunkin Donuts profile picture.