Latinas enjoy mobile usage.

Hispanics are way ahead of the general market for social and mobile usage. The more acculturated the Latino, the more likely they are to use these technologies. That has huge implications for your marketing plans, regardless of whether Hispanics are in your target market.

Latinos Lead Mobile Usage

Hispanics are no more likely than the rest of the population to own a cell phone or a smartphone. However, they are more “cell phone focused” than other demographics. Over 50% live in cell phone only households. Plus, they are twice as likely as Anglos to go online primarily via their mobile.

That’s only the beginning. Hispanics are early adopters of virtually all mobile activities. They are three times as likely as the general market to check into locations. Two thirds of Latinos listen to music on their phone vs. 42% of Anglos. And cell based video chat is used by one third of Hispanics compared to less than one fifth of the general population.

Hispanics’ affinity for mobile usage extends to shopping. Latinas index at 156 vs white women for making a mobile purchase in the past thirty days. They also do more pre-shopping research via their phone.

Hispanics Are Social, Too

Although 70% of Anglos are members of social sites, the number for Hispanics is an even higher 80%. Hispanics are twice as likely as whites to use Twitter. They are also more involved in Instagram and Tumblr. Interestingly, Pinterest is the only major social network that under indexes for Hispanic membership.

Latinos are more engaged in their social networks than the rest of America. They are 21% more likely than the general population to post content and they are 25% more likely to follow a brand.

They Are Underserved

Hispanics have some very direct feedback for marketers. They want more digital content and tools created specifically for them. The vast majority of Latinas are eager for Hispanic lifestyle information, and over half would like to read it in Spanish. Additionally, they cannot find enough Spanish language apps. The desire for Spanish focused content and tools is not just driven by native born, unacculturated Hispanics. Many bicultural Hispanics like to interact in Spanish at least part of the time.

What Are the Implications for Your Business?

If your current target market includes Hispanics, the potential to reach them via social media and mobile usage is huge. Your marketing plan should center on those tactics plus digital media, with a little bit of traditional media thrown in for balance.

If your current target market does not include Hispanics, you should consider monitoring the demographic to spot new trends. It is clear that Latinos, especially young bicultural ones, are early adopters and provide an advanced peek into the future of social media and mobile usage.

A note about terminology: we have used Hispanic and Latino as synonyms. Latinas are female Hispanics living in the US.