snapchat-push2Like all Snapchat users, I get a lot of notifications. Because of social media. And for whatever reason, half of those notifications are people typing. Not the actual message, Snapchat just wants me to know that my friends are almost (or accidentally) sending me a message. Because obviously that’s super important. In reality, however, it’s just twice and many pop-ups for half as much action. I don’t need to know someone is typing until they’ve actually sent something. Maybe they’re “typing” with the seat of their pants, or maybe they take forever to send a message – whatever the scenario here, I really don’t care unless there’s something to look at.

So what’s the deal, Snap? Why are you letting us know so many people are typing throughout the day? Is there some type of hidden importance we should know about? And is there an insider way to turn this off? Like a restaurant’s secret menu, it’s a back alley way to customize notifications, but isn’t actually listed in public. Just in hidden chat rooms – deep within the web where only the nerdiest, most Internet-savvy of users can access.

The other option, obviously, is to turn off notifications altogether, which seems a little extreme in the opposite of directions.

Other Typing Venues

Also on the docket of letting us know when someone is typing: iMessage, GChat/Hangouts (and most forms of instant messaging), Facebook Messages, etc. The big difference, however, is that you can only see the typing by looking at the page. Facebook doesn’t send you an email each time someone accidentally hits a key next to your name. It’s a scenario that makes 100% more sense.

I appreciate the effort, Snap, but let’s take it easy on the notifications from now on. My phone can only handle so many buzzes before it dies, and we’re busy wasting them on the irrelevant.

I’ll be waiting for your forthcoming update, thanks in advance.