DVF ClothingWhen not working, you can usually either find me working out, cooking or browsing the latest fashion trends. One of my all time favorite designers is Diane von Furstenberg – her dresses are so classic and timeless and really flatter all body shapes. I have dresses that I bought several years ago that I still wear today and plan to wear for many years coming.

But what has really impressed me lately is how active Diane is in the social media world. Just her Facebook page alone is impressive and interactive. Fans post photos of themselves in DVF outfits, and employees from stores around the country actually answer questions that fans post. Can’t find an item you want? No problem, ask on the DVF Facebook page and you will receive it. Direct access to customer service that matches the quality of the DVF clothing brand is very impressive.

DVF also uses social media to help promote the organizations that Diane supports. In 1999, the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation was established to provide support to various 501(c)3 non-profit organizations and each year four women are receipts of The DVF Award that aims to provide recipients with the exposure and resources needed to extend their critical efforts on behalf of women’s causes.

And what I love most about DVF’s social media presence however is ‘Inside DVF’ which really helps to give a personal connection with the DVF brand. Diane herself keeps a diary of her travels and you can follow all the latest news through photo diaries on her Web site. I will admit that seeing all that DVF does for others, helps to justify the price tag to me.

But I think the biggest lesson I have learned is that no matter how popular you become, how wealthy you are, you always have time to connect with your fans, make them feel special, answer their questions and keep innovating to keep your brand alive. It’s a general rule of thumb for social media and DVF is doing it well.