With 67% of customers’ buying decisions occurring digitally, before they have even engaged with you, it is ever important that your digital presence be nothing but a positive one.

The social media craze presents a real opportunity not only for social selling, but also to deliver exceptional customer service. Here I present 5 tips to deliver exceptional customer service.

  1. Respond

My number one rule is always respond to every message you receive on social media. It is important you show what exceptional customer service you deliver, ensuring potential clients think of you in a favorable light, and a cut above your competitors. Being transparent and showing you resolve any complaints customers may have, can change a negative comment into a positive one.

  1. Always be at hand

My second rule is always ensure that you respond promptly to all messages. The client will not be impressed if they have to wait a long time for an answer. They expect fast action, and for something to be done about their issue promptly. They want to see that you are taking their comments seriously and are doing something about them. Also, for those visiting your profile for the first time, it is reassuring for them to see that you are doing something about complaints. Proactive actions are key.

  1. Who responds to comments?

It is equally important that you have a designated person to respond to comments on social media. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if two separate people from the customer service team respond to the same complaint simultaneously? Ensure your customer service team each take it in turn to manage one social media account. This minimizes these silly mistakes occurring.

  1. Engage

When clients come across you on social media, I always feel that it is better that they see a variety of content, not just a list of your responses. Try and engage with connections on social media, show them that you are a valuable, socially active brand. A brand that they enjoy receiving updates from. Why not ask questions to those on social media. Start up a conversation. This will be a lot more visually appealing to those visiting your page.

  1. Be polite

When you receive a dreaded complaint, physically put a smile on your face and ensure you answer the response in a friendly, professional manner. The last thing you want is to spark up a social media war. Instead take a deep breath and solve their issue in the best way possible. Remember, the customer is always right.

Customer service is one of those elements you do not want to forget about, especially not on visible platforms such as social media. This will influence potential customers’ perception of you. Take my advice on board, and you will be equipped to deal with any complaint.