Delayed Social Media ROI

Social Media ROII came across this phrase in an article today and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Social media ROI is delayed ROI. This may be tough to come to grips with, but it goes back to your overall marketing strategy. Social media is not just another marketing channel; it is a critical part of your practice’s overall communications platform. It touches many areas within your practice — from retweets to your blog posts. Source: Social Media Marketing

I could not agree more. I think in this world of “instant” marketing, real-time information, right now service and so on, it is really important to remember that some content a little longer to reach different readers. I see this especially a lot with my blog sites. The great news is the information on my blog sites never goes away and over time, people will find it. I often fall into the trap of trying to create fresh content on a daily basis. This is important, but I have backed off a bit on looking at the return or feedback from readers and clicks to the website.

In addition, I am finding that at the company standpoint, certain posts are seasonal and are being accessed through search and sharing on different social media sites. The key here is being patient. Delayed Social Media ROI takes time, and in this case could take up to a year to see the value of that return. It is still a return and a good reminder of what type of content is important to people.

Focusing on communication is the key. If your message is being reinforced on a daily basis, people will recognize it and see the type of value you provide. It is a great reflection of your personal brand and your company brand.

Delayed ROI – Are you looking for signs that your message is being shared, consumed and communicated in other ways besides instant gratification. It may be something to consider and be on the lookout for.

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