More than specific words and phrases, your company voice is the tone in which you connect with your audience.Your voice can be authoritative, informative, fun, or just plain witty. Most importantly, it needs to be authentic. In this post we’ll use the concept of friendship to help you define your company’s social media voice.

Be a Friend

Consumers buy products from brands that connect with them on an emotional level—and stay away from brands that don’t. This is why when defining your voice you should focus on engagement for the purpose of promotion and not promotion first and foremost.

You never want to come across as “corporate”. Unless of course you’re marketing to corporations. Businesses buy products and services from other businesses that convey thought leadership, not necessarily a friendly voice. This guide is geared more towards B2C marketing.

In traditional marketing, content channels were one-directional. Marketing was akin to yelling at your audience through a megaphone. Avoid this. Defining your social marketing voice is about understanding your target audience on a level that enables you to be friends with them. Your voice has to be that of a friend: trustworthy and cordial.

So who are these friends? Have a gander at our blog post on defining your target audience.

Why should they be friends with you?

Your friendships can be defined by asking yourself one question: Why do we get along? If you can’t answer that, well then you have fake friends. In the case of your social voice, you must ask yourself what value you’re offering to your fans. Why should they be friends with you? When defining your voice, it’s a good idea to write down these shared values & interests. For example, you’d want to be friends with Blurbi if you were interested in social media, marketing, content, business, and Llamas. You’d likely share our values of a data-centric worldview, transparency, and providing values to others…at rock-bottom prices…ok we went too far there with self-promotion. Like a good friend, DON’T BRAG, but feel free to share your successes. Make your friends feel a part of it.

What are your talking points?

This is straightforward enough: what kinds of information are you sharing with your friends? Does this information resonate with your shared values?

Who else is talking about them?

We’re social creatures. We form social groups. As a company you’re part of a larger community of shared values and interests that exists online. On Blurbi we define these as “Communities”. On social media you’ll find plenty of other companies that share similar values and interests, but who aren’t necessarily competitors. Making it a part of your brand identity to engage with these other companies will help you generate more content, but also expose your online presence to a larger audience, one which is already primed to engage with the content you produce.

Other things to consider when defining your voice:

  • Gender
  • Target audience age range
  • Social standing

Ephemeral interests like:

  • luxury
  • love
  • freedom
  • relaxation
  • entertainment
  • security

Do you have any other tips for defining a company voice?