Sports fans are crazy. That’s a fact. Remember that Kentucky fan who preemptively got a tattoo to celebrate his team’s win in the 2014 NCAA Tournament? And then remember when Kentucky lost to Connecticut? I bet that wound will take longer to heal than the tattoo. Fans will go a long way for their team, making bets with hilarious and sometimes permanent consequences. Lucky for this Cubs fan, the results of this bet are only temporary. Eyebrows grow back, right?

Chicago Cubs fans are usually known for their optimism (even though the team hasn’t won the World Series since 1908). This diehard fan bet his friend that the Cubs would finish the 2014 season over .500, and if not, he would shave his head and eyebrows. The bet didn’t last long, as he has already thrown in the towel on the season. The fan decided to tap out early, settling the bet now for the low price of his eyebrows. That’s right, he could have waited until the season was over, but he did the math, deciding that his eyebrows were doomed to be shaved regardless. Seeing as how the Cubs are last in their division and are already 5 games below .500, maybe this wasn’t such a bad decision.

Arec Simeri, the eyebrowless owner of Simeri's Italian Restaurant

Arec Simeri, the eyebrowless owner of Simeri’s Italian Restaurant

The fan in question? Arec Simeri, owner of Simeri’s Italian Restaurant, a Chicago sports bar in the northeast Indianapolis area. Instead of just keeping his newly shaven forehead to himself, he took to social media, and decided to share it with his business’s Facebook followers. Looks like this year his confidence in the Cubs didn’t pay off, and he ended up taking one for the team. Perhaps it wasn’t such a bad move though, as thousands of people have now gotten a glimpse of his bold new look (and his business’s Facebook page). It appears that what he lost in faith for the Cubs, he found in new (albeit fleeting) Facebook fame.

So what’s the takeaway for small business owners? It’s simple: if you want to reach your Facebook fans, don’t pay Facebook, just shave off your eyebrows. And for Cubs fans, there’s always next year (at least according to Back to the Future).