I had signed up for Crowdbooster a few months ago, but never really got around to giving it a close look until the past week or so and I’ve become a fan.  While there are quite a few social media tools out there that provide similar services, Crowdbooster has it’s share of unique features that I could definitely see myself using fairly regularly.

What’s The Same?

You get access to usual stats around followers, tweets, mentions and retweets for Twitter as well as fans, comments, mentions and likes for your Facebook page.  You can switch between both accounts easily, and create charts and tables pivoting off of dates.


What’s Different?

Some really cool features that differentiate Crowdbooster include their recommendation engine which I’m finding very useful.  Based on your account activity, Crowdbooster leads with some action items you can choose to take advantage of.  For example, Crowdbooster created a pre-formatted tweet for me to schedule that thanked a few of my followers who re-tweeted one of my tweets.  I found this to be extremely useful saving me the time of having to track this down myself.  This is a tremendous feature that saves me time in engaging with my audience, and makes it much more likely that I will be able to do so more in the future.  In addition, Crowdbooster also was able to comb through my following and identify a group of high influencers based on their Klout score that recommended me connecting with as well.


I can also quickly and easily identify my top retweeters, and which tweets I made that resonated the most with my audience.  Collectively, it’s a great tool that saves me time in maximizing my social media usage personally, and best of all, the bulk of Crowdbooster’s service is completely free.  The premium version adds the ability to export reports out.


Sadly my Facebook Page has been lacking as I haven’t spent much time with it, so I haven’t been able to get the full benefit of Crowdbooster in that respect but I would imagine this would be a useful tool in that respect as well.  The free account allows you to manage 3 accounts, so that version is really meant more for personal use.

If you’re looking for an easy tool to manage your social media efforts for yourself or a small to medium sized business, Crowdbooster is a great site to consider adding to your social media toolkit.