Adding Value on Social MediaLast week I received a lot of comments as to why I was so negative with respect to a “Stop Engaging on Social Media” article I wrote.

With input from the comments, I decided to step up and share some information on how to create value on social media.

Here are some ways I have found that add value to information being shared on social media sites.

Share more from your experience

Twitter Example One tip on Twitter I have found that helps attract new people. Instead of just retweeting someone’s information. Add your message at the beginning of the Tweet and let more people into your discussions. Most people share their comments at the end of a tweet. Put your comments about a tweet at the beginning and take a stand on a subject.

Use images more in articles and shares on social media sites

People connect with pictures. Find an image online or create one yourself that helps you make your point to others. Consider sharing those same pictures on different sites like Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter. It will help your message stand out from the hundreds of articles that are posted each day. By the way, I have seen this happen the most on Twitter where very few people take the time to add an image to their posted information

Respond to people, even people who disagree with your information

Everyone has a right to an opinion, but you will gain more respect when you take time to think out your response to a negative comment. Always be respectful, even if it kills you. It’s the best way to interact with others online.

Don’t get so caught up about numbers to your blog site

I have found this especially true on Linkedin. If more people are connecting to information shared on Linkedin, go to where the action is. Continue posting information on your own website, but understand that people do not always have the time to search you out and learn more about you. Maintain your presence online through different locations: website, social media site, phone, email. All of these places work together to produce your brand exposure. (Discover tools that help tie all of these sites together. This is my focus for 2014 and into 2015!)


You can create value on social media everyday with a little planning, testing, and execution of basic functions. Start learning some new tips and tricks each day and look for ways to maximize your return using social media.