We all post updates across different social media channels. But if you ever wondered about a picture perfect post….then this article is just for you.

The content that you share on various social media channels surely varies depending on business to business. But have you ever paid close attention to what really makes your fans tick and what resonates within your community? Having a clear CTA, proper punctuation and use of URL shorteners are the very basic steps you can take to optimize the quality of your social media outcome. This significantly maximizes reader interest and helps to improve your ROI.

You may be present different social media platforms but each social media channels has its own workaround. As an example, on your Facebook fan page, a “less is more” approach to status updates, teasing the audience so they can’t resist clicking on your link, can pay dividends. Whereas on Pinterest, images without faces gets more repins, while tagging relevant users across all social platforms is an easy but effective way to get their attention and help spread the word.

This infographic from mycleveragency explains how you can create picture perfect posts on social networks.

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