Any experienced online marketer or website creator knows that social media is not just a place to interact with people and have fun. It can be a constant source of leads if it is used well.

Unfortunately, there are those who do not know how to use these platforms and end up making mistakes that cost them dearly. Considering the fact that social sites are free to use and advertising is quite affordable, you should make the best out of them. Your aim should include the following:

  • Finding new customers every week
  • Using the site to get feedback from the customers
  • Using the sites to survey the markets and improve your products
  • Using it as a tool to monitor your growth

The following are some of the ways that you can use these sites to get new clients and keep the already existing ones.

1. Create posts that will excite your followers

How To Convert Social Media Followers To Paying Customers

The most important thing when writing posts is to ensure that they will appeal to your fans. You need to know that unless your followers like the posts, they will find no reason to comment and so, there will be little impact.

If they keep commenting and sharing your posts, they will become viral and even the search engines will notice them. This will give you a lot of traffic to boost your marketing campaigns.

2. Create polls and discussions

Polls are a great way to keep your fans on your page and make them share their views. You can create a poll about anything as long as it is related to your online business. Sometimes, all that you need to do is to find a current and trending topic to create a poll about.

The result of doing this is that your followers will find themselves in a deep discussion and you can use this as an opportunity to point them towards the business.

3. Be consistent

Be consistent

Posting regularly is an important factor when it comes to keeping your social media fans and turning them into customers.

Once they join your group or follow your profile, they expect to see posts from you regularly.

They have probably joined the group because they are looking for a solution to some of their problems. Give them a reason to believe that your business is that solution by giving them fresh information regularly.

4. Create call to action statements

Do not just create plain posts that will make your followers comment and leave it at that. Remember that your core target is not to have fun but to find more customers. At the end of your posts, you should create statements that give instructions to them, called a call to action.

For instance, you can ask them to visit your site in order to find out more about your products or to buy them at a discount. It can be anything as long as it makes them do something.

5. Use the advertising options

There are many ways to create ads on social media. The pricing models also vary depending on your needs. Pick an advertisement option that suits your budget and use it to increase the visibility of your profile so as to attract more fans.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is failing to link your social media profile to your website.

Keeping in mind that what you need is to direct your fans to where the real products are, the link should be one of the most visible things when a person lands on the page. It should also be included in most of your posts.

If there are other people who are doing well in your niche, you can always associate your profile with them. Your fans will get a feeling that you are a respectable and reputable player in this industry if they find out that you are connected with some of the leading companies.

Clearly, turning your social media followers into customers can be a simple task as long as you know what to do, whether you are an online marketer or a website creator.

It also is important to ensure that you have fans who are likely to buy from you and avoid having too many people who just followed you but have no interest in what you are doing.