More than 70 percent of small businesses use social media, but the technology is not without its challenges.

71% of small businesses use social media.

According to The Manifest, the top business social media challenges are:

  1. Not enough resources (26 percent)
  2. No formal strategy (24 percent)
  3. Building followers (24 percent)
  4. Tracking results (17 percent)

Companies of all sizes can encounter these challenges, but they can be overcome by following the example of other businesses that have found social media success.

Use the Most Successful B2B Platforms

Businesses say the most valuable social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Which Social Media Channels Do Small Businesses Use?

Facebook is nearly 40 percent higher than second-place platform Instagram, but every platform has its benefits.

We can turn to other businesses to find examples of social media success.

PR firm Strategic Objectives has a successful social media strategy. Although less than half of companies say Instagram is valuable, Strategic Objectives does find success on that platform.

Strategic Objectives social media post

The visual appeal of Instagram can be valuable for many B2B companies. So, although Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook are the most valuable platforms for most B2B companies, it is important to focus on the platforms your company finds the most valuable and successful.

Post Both Original and Curated Content

It’s important to post a mix of original and curated content to social media, as this helps companies become authorities in their industry.

“B2B lends itself to curated content where the brands can help their audience through sharing curated news and best practice content to help individuals develop their skills and careers,” said Smart Insights CEO Dave Chaffey.

HubSpot, for example, mainly promotes its own content on social media, but it also posts links to other websites.

HubSpot social media post

This allows HubSpot to become a thought leader in the industry and be a trusted source, rather than a company that simply promotes itself.

Promote Both Written and Visual Posts

The most engaging types of social media content are written articles, videos, and images, so it’s essential for B2B companies to post a mix of the three.

“These content types are effective in getting cut-through in newsfeeds,” said Chaffey. “So, it’s important not only to use these types of content but to invest in them so the quality is there.”

For example, MailChimp posts a variety of content on its social media platforms.

MailChimp social media post

Sharing the same types of content is boring and ineffective. MailChimp, however, posts a mix of interesting content that helps followers stay engaged with and interested in MailChimp.

Adobe Photoshop is also successful at posting different forms of content. Because it is such a visual platform, most of Photoshop’s posts are very visual.

Adobe PhotoShop social media post

By posting visual examples of successful Photoshop work, Adobe appeals to and inspires avid Photoshop users.

The company also posts help tutorials, which appeals to the less avid users who need more help with the software.

Photoshop social media post

Posting a mix of content that appeals to different target audiences gives Photoshop success on social media.

Engage With Followers

It’s important for companies to be more than a voice box on social media; they should also respond to follower inquiries or comments.

Content marketing company Brafton, for example, holds Twitter chats to interact with followers.

Brafton social media post

By holding Twitter chats, Brafton can learn more about its audience, which will further help the company post relevant content. These interactions also give Brafton a reputation of reliability and open communication.

Another example of a company successfully engaging with followers on social media is app developer Mozoo, which responds to followers’ Facebook comments.

Mozoo Facebook responses

A prompt response to comments – especially ones that contain questions or concerns – provides positive customer service.

By responding to a customer’s issue right away on Facebook, Mozoo gives an immediate solution. This will likely make the customer more satisfied than if he had to contact Mozoo on multiple mediums without an immediate response.

Find Success on Social Media

Every company is different with its own needs and goals on social media, but any company can create a successful social media strategy if it posts to the platforms that are most successful, publishes a mix of curated and original posts in a variety of forms, and engages with followers.

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